“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
Diane Arbus


Christiana Guinle is actress and producer formed by Royal Shakespeare Company. 30 year career, is rewarded for his theater acting, film and TV (Mambembe Awards, Shell, Alternative Film Festival Berlin, APCA, Molière).

Began in fine arts with your cousin Jorge Guinle. Since 2008, is dedicated to the research and study use of digital tools in arts, testing them and creating works photo art on the iPhone.

Se debuted in 2014 with the exhibition Invented Realities (Almacén Gallery - Rio de Janeiro). Still in 2014 was on display in Article (ArtRio), SP Arte, Jed Voras Galerie and Le Chêne (these two last events occupation Enchanté Paris - associated with SACI and ArtMaZone). In 2015, Christiana Guinle made her first show solo with the consulting of Nina Sales, ArtMazone curator. 

About he work and technique : Christiana Guinle build their realities on the photo. Photographs, cuts, cuts, assembles, edits, re-creates and appropriates photographic images the turning into own universes, where everyone is invited to come and travel with she in an exclusive, personal and not transferable dream. They are thus registered imaginary moments of suspension that make us imagine a story.  


"As an actress, my desire in the arts or in my photos is to tell a story that will be particular to each one, just as it is for the viewer. Only then can constructed them, piece by piece, like a text I play, like I was getting into the act. "

Christiana Guinle


Her work is the result of photography history and its uses, and can be identified a heritage that has as references the works of Andy Warhol, Mimmo Rotella, Man Ray. New media, other gestures that make us change witnesses artificial changes in the scenes. New works that complement and delight who watches them.

The Photographer