Collective - Lilac Gallery - 2015

New York—Lilac Gallery New York is pleased to present "Collective" a group show of International artists exhibiting pieces by Christiana Guinle and other new artists from September 9 - October 2, 2015.

Christiana Guinle will be showcasing her Pop Series from Brazil. Creating the photography with in her iphone, she photographs, cuts, assembles, edits, recreates and owns photographic images turning them into sole universes where each and everyone is invited to come in and travel with her in an exclusive, personal and in transferable dream. There are registered imaginary moments of suspension that make us think of a story. "As an actress, my wish in the arts or in my pictures is telling a story that will be personal to each and every one, just as it is to the spectator. That is the only way I can build them, piece by piece, as a part which I act out, as if I were on stage", Christiana explains.