Décadence Noire - Paris 2015

Christiana Guinle, actress and photographer, is an visual artist. Unable to settle for interpretation, the artist transposes his experience acting in that of narrator, image director. She consists of mixing images and stories pictorial painting.

Photography is a space continuum in which the woman, artist, photographer, expresses the inevitable confession is Christiana, any she embodied, but also those that the public imagines. The palpable schizophrenia which arouses the curiosity of all about the life of actor, here is an original expression. For her photograph, the artist erects a bridge between the real and unfathomable. Qu'instinctif as unconscious, art Christiana stratified human complexity into visual juxtapositions, according to his emotion and digital opportunities. Each layer is a trace, evidence of moods, from old references, looks on contemporary history or suggestions spectator whose dialogue foments the interactive nature of the work.

Like the French photographer Gérard Rondeau, Christiana Guinle ostentatiously defends a multiplicity of image subjects. Unclassifiable artist defies time and progress, manipulates his images to the death, the infinite drop film many lives.

In Baudelaire's inspiration, Décadence Noire takes us to the heart of the creative process. There, or deliquescent material becomes inspiration. On urbanity expressionist portraits of femmes fatales, Christiana use of noir filmic repertoire to illustrate a feminine thought, feminist, in fact, social. 9 scenes meet and confront to tell these modern investigations, contemporary problems, love prints and bitterness, violence and sensuality, darkness and elegance, not unlike a hectic Cindy Sherman ...