Décadence Noire - Rio de Janeiro 2017

Christiana GUINLE, since 2015, presents the "Décadence Noire" tour, which was already present in Paris (Maëlle Galerie) in Normandy (Semaine de Quilly) and was inaugurated in the French Alliance of Rio de Janeiro, on the international day of the Woman, on March 8, 2017.

Christiana GUINLE transposes her experience acting as narrator, image director and photographer. Through his art he builds a bridge between the real and the unfathomable. Each filter is a mark, index of soul traits, from classic to modern references, from looks on contemporary history, and from society. When deliquescent material becomes her source of inspiration, Christiana Guinle creates expressionist urbanities and portraits of fatal women illustrating feminist, feminist thinking. Works respond and confront each other to challenge modern issues and emphasize contemporary torments. His works are full of love and criticism, violence and sensuality, dark and elegant, decadent and irresistible.

The artist feeds on a collection of images of more than 40,000 items that make up her creative sources. The Smartphone determines the language of this unique process. The artist uses this technique exclusively, experiencing the infinite possibilities offered by digital applications. Current cell phones achieve an ideal image quality for the artist's own personal, experimental laboratory tool. Then, Christiana captures, selects, modifies, paints layers after layers, filters after filters, application after application, merging her creative process with the digital mechanism.

Urban Intervention Rio de Janeiro - 2015

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The actress and photographer, Christiana Guinle, will start a public exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. The goal is to create new awareness of social issues, and to stimulate community involvement - spatial sights of a city have the power to shape interactions and create new experiences. This power is utilized by urban interventions through the works created by the artists. Christiana Guinle, with her questioning look, seeks to bring to the public space works that make you think about current social issues in Brazilian society.

Around 50 streets and places will be target with wheat paste poster-bomber. From MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio) to PROJAC studios, a Google Map updated daily. The public is invited to intervene in the works of Christiana Guinle, who will leave the environment of the art gallery to the streets of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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On Urban Intervention: Art intervention is an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience, venue/space or situation. It has the auspice of conceptual art and is commonly a form of performance art. It has also been made much use of by the Stuckists to affect perceptions of other artwork which they oppose, and as a protest against an existing intervention. Intervention can also refer to art which enters a situation outside the art world in an attempt to change the existing conditions there. For example, intervention art may attempt to change economic or political situations, or may attempt to make people aware of a condition that they previously had no knowledge of. Since these goals mean that intervention art necessarily addresses and engages with the public, some artists call their work "public interventions". Source: Wikipedia.

Collective - Lilac Gallery - 2015

New York—Lilac Gallery New York is pleased to present "Collective" a group show of International artists exhibiting pieces by Christiana Guinle and other new artists from September 9 - October 2, 2015.

Christiana Guinle will be showcasing her Pop Series from Brazil. Creating the photography with in her iphone, she photographs, cuts, assembles, edits, recreates and owns photographic images turning them into sole universes where each and everyone is invited to come in and travel with her in an exclusive, personal and in transferable dream. There are registered imaginary moments of suspension that make us think of a story. "As an actress, my wish in the arts or in my pictures is telling a story that will be personal to each and every one, just as it is to the spectator. That is the only way I can build them, piece by piece, as a part which I act out, as if I were on stage", Christiana explains.


Décadence Noire - Paris 2015

Christiana Guinle, actress and photographer, is an visual artist. Unable to settle for interpretation, the artist transposes his experience acting in that of narrator, image director. She consists of mixing images and stories pictorial painting.

Photography is a space continuum in which the woman, artist, photographer, expresses the inevitable confession is Christiana, any she embodied, but also those that the public imagines. The palpable schizophrenia which arouses the curiosity of all about the life of actor, here is an original expression. For her photograph, the artist erects a bridge between the real and unfathomable. Qu'instinctif as unconscious, art Christiana stratified human complexity into visual juxtapositions, according to his emotion and digital opportunities. Each layer is a trace, evidence of moods, from old references, looks on contemporary history or suggestions spectator whose dialogue foments the interactive nature of the work.

Like the French photographer Gérard Rondeau, Christiana Guinle ostentatiously defends a multiplicity of image subjects. Unclassifiable artist defies time and progress, manipulates his images to the death, the infinite drop film many lives.

In Baudelaire's inspiration, Décadence Noire takes us to the heart of the creative process. There, or deliquescent material becomes inspiration. On urbanity expressionist portraits of femmes fatales, Christiana use of noir filmic repertoire to illustrate a feminine thought, feminist, in fact, social. 9 scenes meet and confront to tell these modern investigations, contemporary problems, love prints and bitterness, violence and sensuality, darkness and elegance, not unlike a hectic Cindy Sherman ...


How do you do New York - 2015

Gradually contemporary Brazilian artists have won the fiercely competitive space of galleries and museums in New York . A recent initiative , "How Do You Do New York" is a group exhibition of 17 Brazilian organized by the SACI ! Solutions Collaborative Art. 

According to organizers, "How Do You Do New York" plays with words in English to give an idea of the challenge to expose the Big Apple. The argument is that new ideas always have the potential to be welcomed. The works of artists are marked by the diversity of materials and supports and include photographs, paintings, sculpture , new media and assemblages.


Sala de Embarque - 2015

To stamp the passport of the talents that will make your exhibition in NYC in the month of March, the Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo opens the doors of his mansion in Santa Teresa , between February 11 and March 2 , to be the Room shipment of this project . In Sala de Embarque exhibition, 15 Brazilian artists present works that are in the collective How Do you Do New York.



Enchanté, Paris - 2014

An undertaking between autonomous and collaborative bodies - does not promise a final reading on Brazilian art . But intends to expand the field of view (ours included) that has on it , from the creative power of a group of artists in a clear process of professional maturity . Three events, parallel and complementary distributed in different city spaces : an art gallery , a cultural institute and a collaborative center of creation. Three events, parallel and complementary distributed in different city spaces : an art gallery , a cultural institute and a collaborative center of creation. Events mediated by Bruno Perpetual (SACI) , Nina Sales (ArtMaZone) and Gilberto de Abreu (Supergiba) , signing the general concept of Enchanté , Paris ! and the curator of the exhibition .

Route Enchanté, Paris

Galerie Jed Voras – 18, rue de Patay, 75013 Paris

Institut Alter’Brasilis – 2, rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris

Le Chêne – 131, Avenue de Paris (N7), Villejuif, Paris


Realidades Inventadas - Rio de Janeiro 2014

Rio de Janeiro — Almacén Galeria de Arte is pleased to present the actress Christiana Guinle, showing for the very first time her photographer and plastic artist side.

Christiana Guinle gathered images shot by her alone as well as other varied pictures creating some true works of art based on the manipulation of pictures through the most modern image editing softwares. Christiana Guinle builds her realities in the photography. She photographs, cuts, assembles, edits, recreates and owns photographic images turning them into alone universes where each and everyone is invited to come in and travel with her in an exclusive, personal and intransferable dream. There are registered imaginary moments of suspension that make us think of a story.