“If you don't interfere with me, I'll always do something really good.” 

John Malkovich


“Actors and actresses make magic,' I said. 'They make things happen on the stage; they invent; they create.” 

Anne Rice



Christiana Guinle showed interest in the arts since childhood, and although talent for photography, design, singing and saxophone, has been on an acting career that has invested and which was dedicated.

Since she was graduated from the Royal Shakespeare Company in England - where, at age 15, got scholarship - the actress has not stopped playing.

In Brazil and abroad, he served in important works such as Homer's Odyssey, which earned him the Mambembe Award for Best Actress; The San Others hell, for which he was nominated for a Molière Award for Best Actress; The Black Angel of Nelson Rodrigues, for which he won the APCA as best actress; and God, Woody Allen, as an actress and producer, and The Lady from the Sea, Henrik Ibsen, internationally acclaimed production, especially for his work not only as an actress but also in the production of the piece: the structure was built at Pier Mauá, and stepped in a real ship. A movie theater, À Espera, Luiz Fernando Carvalho, named best film at the Gramado Film Festival, among others. And on television, acted in Christiana great miniseries of Rede Globo, as Chiquinha Gonzaga; The House of the Seven Women; JK and in 2012 the novel 18h, Lado a Lado, with Carlota character, critically acclaimed; Boogie Oogie with the portuguese writer Rui Vilhena.